Michigan QRP First Annual Picnic

The first Saturday of the month has traditionally been set aside in the Flint area for breakfast at the local feed store. Back in the spring, Ernie W8XW, and Ed AB8DF set into motion the idea of having a club picnic in the summer.

k3 station picnic 1 banner
hex beam

Bear Creek Park

The event was held at Bear Creek Park in Oakland Township, August 3, 2013. If anyone is curious why it is called Bear Creek, it is because it is a bear to get to: down twisty, washboard, dirt roads. Even though it was in a remote area, there was a nice dog walk and picnic area. There were several walkers who stopped by to ask questions when they saw antennas and especially the 17M Hex beam.

WQ8RP on the Air

Ed Kwik, AB8DF, brought his home brew 17 Meter Hex beam. As the story goes the beam took a while to build because the fishing rods rarely went on sale and they limited the amount you could buy. Erecting the beam took a team of individuals manning guy ropes while bystanders stood in awe!

Ed had hoped that would be his last time erecting, but that wasn't to be. Ed made many contacts on 17M using his KX3. There were three operating stations, including a PSK31 Special Event Station using the club call WQ8RP.

Food Radios and Fun

A picnic would not be a picnic without food. W8XW manned the grill and cooked up some great tasting hot dogs! Several brought items for sale for our trunk swap. Two Paraset transceivers and a vintage Heath DX-60 and HR-10 were brought for show and tell. There were about 20 hams present plus family members. The day wrapped up with drawings for door prizes and a complimentary 1 year membership for non-members. Reports are that drivers found another way out of the park. Thanks to Ed Kwik, AB8DF and Ernie Antczak, W8XW for organizing and preparing for a very successful event!

paraset tranceivers heathkit radios picnic 2

Hams in attendance WB6NST, KB8TXZ, KB8VMZ, KU8H, K8MEG, W8MEG, K8NWD, K8SEW, AC8W, KB8AMX, WB8ZOM, WA8PVD, KD8USP, KJ8O, K0ACP, AB8DF, W8XW and special guest from Colorado, WK8S.