The MI QRP Net is held weekly, each Tuesday night, on 3535 kHz. The net starts at 9:00 PM Eastern Time. Members and non-members are encouraged to check-in. All amateurs are welcome. Although QRP power levels of 5 watts or less are encouraged, operating QRP is not mandatory. The net control uses the call sign WQ8RP and will respond at the calling station's sending speed.

3535 QRP Frequency

Members are encouraged to monitor the 3535 kHz frequency throughout the week for random chats with MI QRP members. Also by operating on this frequency, it is possible to recruit like minded operators to join the MI QRP Club.

The Five Watter

The Michigan QRP Club's quarterly publication: The Five Watter is published once a quarter: Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. Paid up members received T5W as a benefit for the annual dues. The article content may be about products, antenna or building projects. They also may contain features and activities relating to operating QRP. Members are encouraged to submit articles for publication. Non-members material may also be submitted. Submitting articles relating to QRP contesting summary, including a soap box, would be appropriate. Building experiences or operating experiences make for a good read for fellow QRPers. Ham related for sale/wanted items are welcome. Contact the editor for more details.

QRP Email Reflector

For paid members: A Yahoo! group reflector is used to maintain communications with fellow Club members and to receive updates and notification of club activities.