Michigan QRP Club

The Michigan QRP Club is full of people who love challenges and new adventures. They experiment with everything radio and learn a lot along the way.

The club has activities every month of the year. There are monthly breakfasts and a weekly QRP net on Tuesday nights. Stop in any time. Everyone is welcome. New projects turn up at every breakfast.

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The Michigan QRP Club was organized on January 19, 1978 in Michigan's central Lower Peninsula. The club has grown to include members from many parts of the country and around the world. The purpose of the club is to foster and develop friendships and cooperation among amateur radio operators who have a common interest in the unique pleasure and challenge of operation at power levels of 5 watts output or less.

Low Power Radio From Tubes to Transistors to Arduinos

Low power operating(QRP) is a popular corner of the Ham Radio world. Operators are working with everything from tiny transmitters to portable antennas to digital modes. QRP radios with just a few watts of output can be small and simple. They can be built in Altoids tins with parts from a hamfest and cost very little. They encourage everyone to experiment and try something new.

Things to explore with QRP

The Five Watter Plus

Two articles have been added to The 5 Watter Plus.

Ted (AC8SW) has written a nice technical article that explains how to use the Smith Chart to design a matching circuit that could help you get on 80 meters with a shorter antenna than you might think.

Rich (K8MEG) wrote a two part article about the work involved in assembling, shipping and troubleshooting QRP kits. This was originally in the 5 Watter a few years ago.

Write for the 5 Watter or the 5 Watter Plus

If you are having fun with QRP and feel creative write something up or send an email to the webmaster. We can collaborate on the writing if necessary and put it together.

Send your favorite rig or accessory pictures to us. We will include them on the site for all to admire.

Mark I Radio Heathkit DX-60 and HR-10
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Ten-Tec Rebel and Arduino Links

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